Release Notes - Quartz Scheduler (Historical - Do Not File New Issues Here - See GitHub) - Version 2.1.4 - HTML format


  • [QTZ-129] - Missing Serializable attributes/ids
  • [QTZ-179] - Possible bug with triggers left/stuck in ACQUIRED state
  • [QTZ-237] - storeTrigger not check the MisfireInstruction
  • [QTZ-254] - Fix PropertySettingJobFactory's warnings on FileScanJob
  • [QTZ-263] - Quartz job scheduler (in clustered configuration) does not recover stuck jobs after loss of database connectivity
  • [QTZ-269] - XMLSchedulingDataProcessorPlugin documentation refers to incorred job_scheduling_data XSD
  • [QTZ-270] - MisfireHandler Thread hangs forever on obtaining lock
  • [QTZ-271] - Repeat close "PreparedStatement"
  • [QTZ-273] - XMLSchedulingDataProcessorPlugin ignores time zones in ISO8601 start/end time
  • [QTZ-276] - Serial Version UID of TimeOfDay changed in previous release
  • [QTZ-277] - Possible failure during recovery mode of scheduler startup when trigger is expired
  • [QTZ-278] - Bug in HSQLDB scripts

New Feature

  • [QTZ-264] - Add Caché DB delegate


  • [QTZ-266] - Improvements to SystemPropertyInstanceIdGenerator - making it more flexible and capable
  • [QTZ-282] - example10 quartz_data.xml job definitions file imports wrong xsd version

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