Release Notes - Quartz Scheduler (Historical - Do Not File New Issues Here - See GitHub) - Version 2.2 - HTML format


  • [QTZ-235] - Move out-of-the-box jobs into new module(s)


  • [QTZ-191] - JMX has a problem with XA Transactions
  • [QTZ-292] - Scheduler interface : in the method scheduleJobs , the triggers should be part of a Set instead of a List
  • [QTZ-310] - Terracotta Quartz assumes the JobDetail interface is JobDetailImpl in DefaultClusterdJobStore
  • [QTZ-316] - SimpleThreadPool's WorkerThread should not share intrinsic lock with java.lang.Thread class
  • [QTZ-323] - Unable to customize SimpleThreadPool's worker thread name prefixes
  • [QTZ-372] - There are two copies of the various DB scripts (and they are out of sync)
  • [QTZ-378] - Restructure Quartz Jar Files

New Feature

  • [QTZ-121] - Create an EJB3 compliant EJB Job invoker
  • [QTZ-154] - OSGi headers in the MANIFEST
  • [QTZ-212] - Add schedulerStarting() method to SchedulerListener interface
  • [QTZ-225] - Make the Scheduler's ClassLoadHelper available to plugins when they are initialized
  • [QTZ-272] - Add initialize() to ConnectionProvider interface
  • [QTZ-275] - Allow 'triggerless' initial storing of non-durable jobs.
  • [QTZ-370] - Override default transaction timeout when beginning new UserTransaction


  • [QTZ-79] - Allowing to set SMTP authentication and other properties in SendMailJob
  • [QTZ-198] - Enhance testing libraries
  • [QTZ-267] - Add new Scheduler method: scheduleJob(JobDetail job, Set<Trigger> trigger) to schedule multiple triggers for a job all at once.
  • [QTZ-285] - Semaphore interface methods do not require a Connection parameter
  • [QTZ-315] - Improvements for Job Recovery Information
  • [QTZ-366] - Remove deprecated CloudscapeDelegate from JDBC JobStore
  • [QTZ-367] - Cleanup constructors and init method of DriverDelegate implementations
  • [QTZ-368] - JDBC JobStore : For group matchers that use 'equals' operator, use sql =, rather than 'like'
  • [QTZ-371] - Update javaee-api from 5.0-3 to 6.0-5 in quartz-jobs module

Platform Support Change

  • [QTZ-286] - Quartz requiring J2SE 6 as the minimum JDK version to compile


  • [QTZ-304] - Scheduler#scheduleJobs API change to support generics and avoid cast
  • [QTZ-306] - StdJDBCDelegate fails to free its blobs

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