Release Notes - Quartz Scheduler (Historical - Do Not File New Issues Here - See GitHub) - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [QTZ-73] - JDBC JobStore - Implement batch-acquiring of triggers


  • [QTZ-153] - Missing Parameters in the Documentation of the JMS Jobs
  • [QTZ-155] - General Cleanup of the JMS Jobs
  • [QTZ-157] - TiggerBuilder can't build a Cron trigger with start and end date when endDate is prior to current sys date
  • [QTZ-161] - Setting idleWaitTime to < 5 ms. is a problem
  • [QTZ-174] - Race condition during shutdown of Quartz
  • [QTZ-176] - Fix ClassCastException in SendTopicMessageJob
  • [QTZ-180] - XML schema doesn't support cron expression with last day offset
  • [QTZ-181] - Scheduler tries to handle misfires after resumeAll even though it's in standby mode
  • [QTZ-182] - When using MSSQLDelegate LOCKS table does not get entries for all the scheduler instances if using default select locks statement
  • [QTZ-184] - GroupMatcher API changes to avoid generics compiler warnings
  • [QTZ-185] - XMLSchedulingDataProcessor ignores overWriteExistingJobs flag in some cases
  • [QTZ-187] - XMLSchedulingDataProcessor is causing scheduler going into inifinite loop.
  • [QTZ-192] - Threads continue running for a few moments after calling Scheduler#shutdown( true )
  • [QTZ-194] - Quartz starts unmanaged threads in JobStoreSupport
  • [QTZ-195] - SQL error for derby in version 2.0.2
  • [QTZ-199] - JBoss QuartzService doesn't expand JBoss properties correctly on Windows platforms
  • [QTZ-200] - Scheduler#shutdown(false) waits for all currently executing jobs to complete
  • [QTZ-201] - Semantics of Scheduler.pauseTriggers(groupMatcher) and getPausedTriggerGroups() are broken for not-yet-existing groups.
  • [QTZ-202] - DisallowConcurrentExecution does not work as expected with batchTriggerAcquisitionMaxCount configuration
  • [QTZ-205] - SchedulerListener.triggerFinalized() is not called if the final firing of that trigger was vetoed.
  • [QTZ-209] - MySQL jdbc driver gives SQLException when batch count is > 0

New Feature

  • [QTZ-186] - Improvements for interrupting executing jobs
  • [QTZ-196] - New trigger type 'DailyTimeIntervalTrigger'


  • [QTZ-169] - PropertySettingJobFactory should be the default JobFactory


  • [QTZ-175] - Better document how to use custom TriggerPersistenceDelegates
  • [QTZ-206] - Incorrect link in JobInitPlugin cookbook docs


  • [QTZ-188] - Wrong method name in Migration Guide
  • [QTZ-197] - Genericise DirtyFlagMap

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