Release Notes - Quartz Scheduler (Historical - Do Not File New Issues Here - See GitHub) - Version 1.8.4 - HTML format


  • [QTZ-48] - QuartzScheduler.deleteJob() only deletes triggers, not job
  • [QTZ-51] - Quartz DevConsole panel doesn't appear unless org.quartz.scheduler.instanceId = AUTO
  • [QTZ-52] - 1.8.3 distribution is missing javadoc ( docs/api directory ).
  • [QTZ-53] - NPE in PlainTerracottaJobStore.acquireNextTrigger in all-in-one app
  • [QTZ-54] - QuartzScheduler.scheduleJob causes the JobDetail to be stored but doesn't inform listeners
  • [QTZ-55] - POM of org.quartz-scheduler:quartz hardwires slf4j to use log4j as binding
  • [QTZ-57] - Quartz version parsing can be polluted by user classpath


  • [QTZ-47] - don't mandate an sl4fj implementation in core quartz pom.xml

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