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  • August 06, 2012
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  • January 22, 2013



I have attached my Spring configuration and EhCache configuration to this issue. It appears that when RMISynchronousCacheReplicator is used, the following exception is received:

2012-08-06 12:56:45,238 ERROR [net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMIAsynchronousCacheReplicator] - <Exception on flushing of replication queue: null. Continuing...>
        at net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMISynchronousCacheReplicator.listRemoteCachePeers(RMISynchronousCacheReplicator.java:335)
        at net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMIAsynchronousCacheReplicator.writeReplicationQueue(RMIAsynchronousCacheReplicator.java:312)
        at net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMIAsynchronousCacheReplicator.replicationThreadMain(RMIAsynchronousCacheReplicator.java:127)
        at net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMIAsynchronousCacheReplicator.access$000(RMIAsynchronousCacheReplicator.java:58)
        at net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMIAsynchronousCacheReplicator$ReplicationThread.run(RMIAsynchronousCacheReplicator.java:389)

If I switch to the RMIAsynchronousCacheReplicator, the issue “seems” to go away. I do still receive the exception, but my app is able to proceed.

What am I doing wrong? Appreciate the assistance.


Fiona OShea 2012-08-13

Any ideas?

Misagh Moayyed 2012-08-13

Just a little bit more digging on my side:

static List<CachePeer> listRemoteCachePeers(Ehcache cache) {
  CacheManagerPeerProvider provider = cache.getCacheManager().getCacheManagerPeerProvider("RMI");
  return provider.listRemoteCachePeers(cache);

It appears that for whatever reason, “provider” turns on to be null at line 335. Cant quite figure out why because my configuration is similar to the samples. I have tried the following environments for the application I use:

  • JDK 6/7
  • Tomcat 6/7

Misagh Moayyed 2012-08-13

I should also clarify that the same exception stack appears on EhCache 2.5.0 and above.

Misagh Moayyed 2012-08-13

More info: noticed that if change to this line, setting the value to false:

<constructor-arg name="replicateRemovals" value="false"/>

I no longer get the error. “true” however produces the same stack.

Misagh Moayyed 2012-08-13

Producing this error as part of a unit test, I have two that attempt to execute delete operations. With replicateRemovals=true, I noticed that if use the following block in my pom, the error would go away for the test:


Hopefully, this should hint at something.

P.S: other plugin settings are retrieved from the parent pom.

Chris Dennis 2013-01-22

I have a sneaking suspicion considering the kinds of things that “fix” the issue here that this is some kind of race in Spring setting up the Caches/CacheManager. Of course without a reproducible test case this could take a lot of effort to debug.