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  • Reporter: asingh
  • June 28, 2012
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  • June 06, 2013
  • May 23, 2013



From looking at code, looks like the ExecutorService in KeySnapshotter is not properly shutdown when cacheManager is shutdown.

This can be problematic:

  • cause cacheManager leak (from executor thread -> task -> tcStore -> cache -> cacheManager)
  • tasks can still execute even after cache.dispose

BootstrapCacheTest has commented out code for this. Need to fix in toolkit2 (or trunk, if toolkit2 is merged earlier)


Abhishek Singh 2012-06-28

The same test is working in current trunk, need to investigate how.

Alexander Snaps 2013-04-22

There are 2 different CacheManagers there. The first is on the on from the test, the other one is the one that’s gone…

Alexander Snaps 2013-04-22

Looks like there is a mem leak here in the TK2 code…

Nishant Bangarwa 2013-04-22

please have a look.

Manish Choudhary Choudhary 2013-05-09

Even after clearing the Listener identified by the above screenshot, the problem still exists. ClientObjectManagerImpl holds the reference of TCObjectServerMapImpl

Alexander Snaps 2013-05-09

Can you pull in someone who’s done some of that rework for TK2.0 ?

Manish Choudhary Choudhary 2013-05-23

For rejoin enabled toolkit this test case is working now. Some problem exists with rejoin disabled toolkits for which a separate JIRA (DEV-9798) is present