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  • September 21, 2009
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  • September 22, 2009
  • September 22, 2009


I am using ehcache-09 called from inside of hibernate for an application deployed on JBoss on Windows platform. JBoss is installed in a directory off, “c:\program files”. net.sf.hibernate.EhCacheProvider invokes CacheManager.create() to create a cache manager. A FileNotFoundException is thrown from parser.parse(url.toExternalForm(), handler); in Configurator.configure. To make the code work on windows with spaces in the file path, the following code is needed. //get URL object to ehcache.xml from class loader File f = new File(url.getFile()); FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(f); parser.parse(fis, handler); I noticed there is a workaround in ehcache-1.1 where a cache manager can be created with an InputStream, however the other 3 configure methods will fail on windows with spaces in the file path. Suggest modifying the 3 other configure methods in Configurator to first create a FileInputStream and then call the configure method that accepts InputStream.

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Fiona OShea 2009-09-22

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