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  • September 21, 2009
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  • September 22, 2009
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I’m working on an application where I want to use ehcache for disk based persistence. I’m pleased this is so easy to do.

In my particular case I want to be able to maintain the disk cache’s in different locations on the disk (user space). To do this, it seems I need multiple instances of CacheManager.

I was able to hack my version of ehcache1.1 to support this by adding the following method to CacheManager:

public static CacheManager createNewInstance(InputStream inputStream) throws CacheException \{
    return new CacheManager(inputStream);

Here is an example of how I am using this:

StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(); final String cache1dir = “/tmp/foo”; sb.append(“") .append("") .append("") .append("”); ByteArrayInputStream bin = new ByteArrayInputStream(sb.toString().getBytes(“UTF-8”)); CacheManager manager1 = CacheManager.createNewInstance(bin); final boolean bCacheToDisk = true; final boolean bEternal = true; final Cache cache1 = new Cache(“.DO_NOT_REMOVE”, 1000, bCacheToDisk, bEternal, 0, 0,bCacheToDisk,120); manager1.addCache(cache1); Element el= cache1.get(“name”); if(el != null){ System.out.println(“name(1) is “+(String)el.getValue()); }else{ System.out.println(“no name(1)”); } Element element = new Element(“name”, “FirstCache!”); cache1.put(element); sb = new StringBuffer(); final String cache2dir = “/tmp/bar”; sb.append(“") .append("") .append("") .append("”); bin = new ByteArrayInputStream(sb.toString().getBytes(“UTF-8”)); CacheManager manager2 = CacheManager.createNewInstance(bin); Cache cache2 = new Cache(“.DO_NOT_REMOVE”, 1000, bCacheToDisk, bEternal, 0, 0,bCacheToDisk,120); manager2.addCache(cache2); el= cache2.get(“name”); if(el != null){ System.out.println(“name(2) is “+(String)el.getValue()); }else{ System.out.println(“no name(2)”); } Element element2 = new Element(“name”, “SecondCache!”); cache2.put(element2); element = new Element(“name”, “FirstCache - updated!”); cache1.put(element);

Best regards, Robert. Sourceforge Ticket ID: 1159768 - Opened By: fuller - 9 Mar 2005 12:29 UTC


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