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  • December 13, 2010
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  • July 27, 2012
  • February 11, 2011


When using replication and the writer feature, CacheWriterConfiguration.notifyListenersOnException should be turned on automatically if I am not mistaken. Indeed, when the writer throws an exception, the element still has made it into the Store and hence should probably still be replicated to other nodes… See net.sf.ehcache.Cache.putInternal


Alexander Snaps 2011-01-21

I think this is actually a documentation issue. Given we replicate caches through the Listener API, there isn’t much I can think of that could be done to make sure this flag is turned on. I think we should add a note in the Writer doc to mention that, if you use replicated caches, you should probably turn the flag on to be sure all Store changes are replicated, whether the writer-through succeeded or not…

ilevy 2011-02-11

added text to the bullet for notifyListenersOnException in write_through_caching.apt