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  • October 05, 2010
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  • October 11, 2011


If the one-page is generated from the same source then maybe it just needs to be regenerated from the latest apt files – that should fix many errors except as noted below or errors introduced by the production process itself.

This list shows a few titles for empty sections immediately followed by a section head with a garbled title. Seems like there’s a tagging error that’s creating an extra section head (the garbled one). Possibly related, sprinkled throughout there are tagged heads that didn’t process correctly. These look like “— [some text] —”.

JTA still says it’s coming for ehcache standalone

section 19 is empty.

section 20 title is garbled.

section 20.1.1 has a code sample that’s overlayed by some type of dark screen. same type of screen covers code in section 20.3.

section 21 is empty.

section 22 title is garbled.

section 22.1 has a fragment: “The characteristics of bulk loading are that” that needs removing or filling out. (This fragment is also in bulk_loading.apt.)

section 26 is empty.

section 27 title is garbled.

section 27.2 has a broken link: http://ehcache.org/hibernate-upgrade.html.

section 31.9.5 says “An Element, key and value in Ehcache is guaranteed to .equals() another as it moves between stores.” but should say != another?

section 42 is empty.

section 43 title is garbled.

section 43.1.2, fix “p/” at end of paragraph.

section 43.2, fix “prefinally/pre”.


Fiona OShea 2011-02-22

MOving unresolved P2 jiras to Ulloa - to be reviewed by Chris, Fiona, Greg soon