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  • ehcache-core
  • Reporter: abhinav
  • June 02, 2010
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  • July 27, 2012
  • June 10, 2010


Do insert, put etc. operations on a disk enabled cache such that few elements get evicted onto the disk storage.

Now calling get on this element pushes it into memory store as well. The same element is present in both memory stores.

The documentation doesn’t really mention this functionality for normal cache operations (it mentions lazy-loading upon server re-start). Is this behavior correct? Is there any property to ensure that any element is present only in one cache store?

Also, if how is the element going to get removed from disk?


Fiona OShea 2010-06-08

Is this real? If so what do you think we should do about it?

gluck 2010-06-10


This was designed to be this way for performance. Operations that return the list of keys, elements, etc take this into account.

These questions would make good forum or mailing list questions, rather than bugs.