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  • Reporter: asingh
  • April 01, 2010
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  • January 17, 2013
  • April 14, 2010


Right now using net.sf.ehcache.cluster.CacheCluster, thr’s no api to find out if the current node is connected to the cluster or not. In fact, one cannot find out current node’s net.sf.ehcache.cluster.ClusterNode

Also should add methods in ClusterTopologyListener to get notified when “this” node joins or leaves the cluster.


Abhishek Singh 2010-04-01

This feature is required for implementing disconnected mode – DEV-3946

Abhishek Singh 2010-04-05

Probably makes sense to add methods, something like below:

boolean isNodeJoined(); ClusterNode getCurrentNode(); ClusterNode waitUntilNodeJoinsCluster();

Abhishek Singh 2010-04-14

Added method isClusterOnline() – rev-2191 Other methods discussed in above comments not added.