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  • January 20, 2010
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write you because I’m not able to add the Issue to your JIRA. I registered and validated an account at Terracotta, but I’m not able to log into the JIRA.

I have a serious problem with distributed EHCache via JGroups. My problem is with bootstrapping of distributed EHCache with JGroups. I’m using JGroups 2.8, EHCache core 1.7.2 and ehcache-jgroupsreplication 1.3. In JGroups 2.8, the default implementation of Address was changed from IpAddress to org.jgroups.util.UUID which causes the JGroups Bootstrapper to fail with a ClassCastException where it tries to cast a UUID to an IpAddress without any instanceof checks.

For now I have to try to switch to RMI for Bootstrapping. Do I only have to set the bootstrapCacheLoaderFactory for this, or do I need anything else like a cacheManagerPeerListenerFactory what I don’t need for JGroups replication and bootstrapping?


gluck 2010-01-20

Reported by Björn Kautler [email protected]

gluck 2010-01-21

Downgrading to JGroups 2.7 fixes the issue.

Fiona OShea 2010-01-26

Greg, what do you want to do with this?

additionally I’ll check into the users Jira issue.

gluck 2010-08-30

JGroups replication has been rewritten as of 30 August 2010 and the version of JGroups updated to the latest version.

This issue is therefore moot.

You will need to get jgroups replication out of trunk or wait for the release of ehcache-jgroupsreplication 1.4, expected in October 2010.