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  • November 19, 2009
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  • December 18, 2012


When the keys are displayed on the contents page they show a string representation of the keys. If the keys are being searched for or when a key is clicked, another request goes out to the server to do those operations. However, when the keys aren’t actually strings, nothing will be found in the cache and the element details can’t be displayed.

There are two ways how we could improve this. I prefer the second one:

* send a serialized version of the key along with the string representation that can be deserialized later, however this implies that keys are serializable, which isn’t an ehcache requirement. Also, there’s no control over the size of that serialized version, so it can be large.

* send the information for the element details panel along with the string representation of each key, together with an indicator of the type of key. This can be used to always display the element details since it’s all happening in the GUI, using the type of key can then also be used to display or hide the “Remove entry” button. Since we cap the number of keys to 100, we can never get more info than that, and the size of the element details is pretty static. By adding some more overhead to the network transfer, it seems to me we can make the GUI much more functional and intuitive.


Mike Allen 2009-11-24

2nd option seems to make more sens to me too

Fiona OShea 2010-03-11

Updating all “Brisbane - Target” to “terracotta target =Unknown”