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  • November 05, 2009
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  • January 17, 2013
  • November 06, 2009


Currently the ehcache monitor server depends on Ehcache classes like CacheEventListener, Ehcache, etc. If you hit the dashboard and don’t have ehcache-core in your classpath, you will see a big NoClassDefFoundError on CacheEventListener (which is implemented by SampleCacheStatistics).

In the ehcache-dx kit this is no big deal as the jar is include. In the monitoring kit the core jar is not included and thus it will make it hard for us to write a script that works out of the box as you can’t start the server without a core jar from somewhere.

Need to either a) refactor so the server proper isn’t dependent on Ehcache classes) or b) add the core jar to the monitoring kit. a would be preferable as that way there is no confusion over using one version of the core jar in the server vs different one in the app.


Himadri Singh 2009-11-19

Kit contain all dependencies


verfied with rev 5329.