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  • hsingh
  • Reporter: steve
  • November 03, 2009
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  • January 17, 2013
  • November 06, 2009


Should instead give a clear error message.


Geert Bevin 2009-11-04

What should it do? I prints out: Couldn’t register with the dashboard master at address and port 9080 … then here’s the stack trace …

seems that the stack trace is important information here to indicate the reason?

Steve Harris 2009-11-06

My opinion is that stack traces are for when the software is broken. A message saying that it’s trying to connect tot he server and failing at hostname x with port y and retrying is all that is necessary.

Geert Bevin 2009-11-06

Fixed with the retry mechanism

Himadri Singh 2009-11-16

Verified with rev 5011