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  • September 17, 2009
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  • July 27, 2012
  • September 24, 2009


Right now you need to register the Ehcache mbeans to get the stats working and available in the console and user has to choose to do this.

This jira is to look at auto-registering the mbeans but making stats disabled to remove the performance overhead.


Alex Miller 2009-09-22

Planning on having support for auto-registering with an mbean server with a pluggable factory and support for a default factory that uses the system mbean server.

Alex Miller 2009-09-24

Added a new attribute to (CacheManager) element: monitored="autodetect/on/off". In autodetect mode (the default), if we detect Terracotta is running (works for either standalone or dso mode), we will automatically register the SampledCacheMBean with the system mbean server. If no Terracotta is detected, the bean is not registered.

The prior MBean is unchanged and is never registered automatically.

On and off modes do the obvious without respect to Terracotta running.