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  • September 17, 2009
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  • May 21, 2010
  • April 16, 2010


Add Ehcache.putIfAbsent() interface. Not sure yet which release this fits into. Implies implementing this for MemoryStore, DiskStore and their combination in Cache.


Chris Dennis 2010-04-08

Added impl and tests for putIfAbsent (and the other concurrent map like methods). These still need documenting in the site apt however.

Chris Dennis 2010-04-14

Assigning to Alex to fill in the transactional store implementation.

David Reines 2010-04-14

Any chance on adding putIfAbsentWithWriter(). I’m looking at using ehcache write behind, and have a need for putIfAbsent() as well.

Himadri Singh 2010-05-10

tests are running on monkeys successfully.