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  • September 21, 2009
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This is a patch for the bug about not being able to run on IBM WebSphere using JDK1.4 and still require the commons-collection.jar in the classpath. Even though EHCache will use java.util.LinkedHashMap and not anything from commons-collection.

Basically I have moved the inner class SpoolingLRUMap to a seperate class and uses reflection to instanciate this class. Using reflection avoids having import statements to any org.apache.commons.collection.

This works nicely on IBM WebSphere 5.1 running on JDK1.4. I have tried to use the EHCache with both:

  • java.util.LinkedHashMap
  • org.apache.commons.collections.LRUMap (disabling the JDK14 check in MemoryStore.java)

I have attached a diff and the two .java files.

I hope you would consider adding this patch to a future release avoid the need for commons-collections totally for JDK14 environments.

We do not use Hibernate and the cache is used in the ejb.jar and not in the .war file. So classpath issues here is a bit more tricky. Especially when there is also hot-deployment. That is why I changed the Class.ForName(“xxx”) to use a j2ee friendly strategy. See the source.

Thanks for a still in-development cache framework. OSCache seems to have dropped it pace and that is why I changed to EHCache instead.


You can contact me at:

cib_rejse AT yahoo.dk

Where AT is the @ char

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