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Attached is an example implementation of a JdbcStore and a PersistentCache that allows this store implementation to be configured in place of a DiskStore. The zip archive is an export of an Eclipse project (without and contains unit tests as well and a minimal Ant build script to export a JAR containing the compiled classes.

SF has a limit on the size of the attached file, so the required Spring JARs (and others) are not included in the attached archive. See the defs/docs/README.txt file for information on what JARs are required.

The JdbcStore implementation relies on the Spring DAO framework, so is not a bare-minimal JDBC implementation, but has been tested and proved useful for storing large, long-lived cache elements.

The code is released under the Apache 2 license, to be compatible with Ehcache. Sourceforge Ticket ID: 1727946 - Opened By: msqr - 29 May 2007 22:21 UTC


Sourceforge Tracker 2009-09-21

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Attached is a second example of a JdbcStore, this time I’ve renamed the previous JdbcStore as SpringJdbcStore and implemented a new JdbcStore that relies only on plain JDBC (no Spring classes). This should make it easier to integrate into Ehcache without introducing dependencies on Spring. The Spring implementation is still useful for Spring applications, perhaps it can be included as an optional package. File Added: jdbcstore-proj-2.zip Comment by: msqr - 31 May 2007 22:26 UTC

Fiona OShea 2010-01-06

Assigning these issues to Greg, so that he can decide what to do with them.

gluck 2010-08-30

This is pretty old now.

The idea of a JDBC backed Ehcache standalone has become moot due to:

  1. Much improved DiskStore implementation, which is satisfying many users

  2. For HA and/or transactional, the ability to create persistent or very large caches in using the Terracotta Server.