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  • September 21, 2009
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We encountered strange OutOfMemory errors in our DB- Cache using ehcache 1.0. We use a lot of caches for various methods. Some of those cached methods (big- data elements) can become rather big. We have measured the max sizes per method and set the maxElementsInMemory and the expiryThreadInterval to have at least some good-enough reserve on Heap-Space (taking into account that serializing takes place in memory so you know how big your Storage-Block must be. Periodically we were getting out-of-memory errors and were stuck.

So i looked into the way you serialize and write to disk:

final ObjectOutputStream objstr = new ObjectOutputStream(outstr); objstr.writeObject(element); objstr.close();

– so far so good, but

buffer = outstr.toByteArray();

– here a copy of the byte[] in the ByteArrayOutputStream is created

– i understand that this copy is needed to write the block to the File

randomAccessFile.seek(diskElement.position); randomAccessFile.write(buffer);

– but wouldn’t it make more sense in terms of sparing that byte[] buffer by using a custom OutputStream which writes the ByteArrayOutputStream directly to the File:

rafOS = new RandomAccessFileOutputStream (randomAccessFile); outstr.writeTo(rafOS);

– That Random AccessFileOutputStream would just write through to the RandomAccessFile.

That could reduce the memory usage on serializing big Elements. That could save a lot if you have a lot of disk stores running in one VM.

Another improvement would be the reuse of the ByteArrayOutput Stream using reset() - at least during on flush-run. I know that this might have consequences on memory as well - but that could be handled by checking against some maximum-size (and then deciding on “reuse” over “release and reallocate”.

regards Jens Kleemann

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Fiona OShea 2009-09-22

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