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I’d like to be able to configure the in-memory cache size in terms of an absolute memory footprint.

An issue that I have encountered in many cache implementations, including ehcache, is that it’s not always possible to accurately estimate the average size of an cached element.

For example:

If I want to cache elements of User-Generated-Content, there will be some days when the average content size is 4KB, and other days when the average is 200KB.

If I know that I have 400MB of RAM on my server available for caching, but to avoid the risk of running out of memory, I have to choose a cache size of 2048 elements, to cater the for larger content (2048 x 200KB = 400KB).

On a “small content” day, I would then end up only using 8MB of the 400MB of RAM that I have available.

What I’d really like to do is configure the cache as 400MB, rather than having to state the number of elements.

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