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I have a factory service where I read txt files in to a List of maps. According to my business requirement I’ll find a row that has matching key(s). These finds works ok for small size of txt files. But for very large files, I am worried about the performence. So thought of trying for EHCACHE. I created the cache, added cache name. added list to element. how can I find my row directly from the element. instead of getting the list back from the element and find my row.

here is my data looks like :

List dataLst =[[“eFactor”:0.0000, “colaDurCde”:null, “equivCPI”:0.0000, “colaPct”:null, “halfCPI”:0.0000, “colaTypeCde”:1, “version”:1, “mFactor”:1.0000], [“eFactor”:0.6110, “colaDurCde”:3, “equivCPI”:4.8520, “colaPct”:8.0000, “halfCPI”:2.4430, “colaTypeCde”:4, “version”:1, “mFactor”:1.0370]] In the above list, each element corresponds to a row. I do a find(using groovy) like this

dataLst.find{row -> row.colaTypeCde == 4 &&
row.colaPct == 7.0000 && row.colaDurCde == 1}

Please reply ASAP.

Is there is a way to find a row faster using EHCache element? The size of my txt file is around 7000 KB.

Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like you need to search on multiple keys. Check out jofti.com which provides that service. Jofti can be backed by ehcache.

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