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Name: Venkat Subramani Company: Lehman Brothers, NY Email: [email protected]

Great product!!! We are planning to evaluate this product at Lehman Brothers vis-a-vis GemStone and Tangosol.

We would need a feature like disk backup whereby all the cache data is backed out to disk. Diskoverflow would backup is I set maxElementsInMemory=1, but all the reads would be from disk. Is there a feature whereby all the cache is backed upto disk, plus I can retain some elements in memory.

Thx. PS: I have become a member of this forum, but it does not let me login yet. So please reply back on email listed above Sourceforge Ticket ID: 1068213 - Opened By: nobody - 17 Nov 2004 19:38 UTC


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Not sure which way you went. Ehcache added persistent DiskStores 18 months ago in ehcache-1.1. Ehcache-1.2 adds the ability to persist to disk at any time using Cache.flush().

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