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  • September 21, 2009
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For the method

public Element get(final Object key) throws LockTimeoutException {

This call gets the underlying object, and Blocks if a null element is returned.

        final Element element = cache.get(key);
        if (element != null) {
            //ok let the other threads in
            return element;
        } else {
            //don't release the read lock until we put
            return null;

If a RuntimeException is thrown with “cache.get()”, then the BlockingCache will be left in a blocking state.

In my experience, an IOException was thrown in cache.get() and wrapped as a RuntimeException by the SpringJdbcStore.

Perhaps the documentation can be changed to help warn other developers who may run into the same problem.

“Note. If a LockTimeoutException or RuntimeException is thrown while doing a {@link #get} it means the lock was never acquired,”

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Sorry you got caught by that. I think it is a documentation issue. I have changed the javadoc as follows:

/** * Looks up an entry. Blocks if the entry is null until a call to {@link #put} is done * to put an Element in. * <p/> * If a put is not done, the lock is never released. * <p/> * If this method throws an exception, it is the responsibility of the caller to catch that exception and call * put(new Element(key, null)); to release the lock acquired. See {@link net.sf.ehcache.constructs.blocking.SelfPopulatingCache} * for an example. * * Note. If a LockTimeoutException is thrown while doing a {@link #get} it means the lock was never acquired, * therefore it is a threading error to call {@link #put} * * @throws LockTimeoutException if timeout millis is non zero and this method has been unable to * acquire a lock in that time * @throws RuntimeException if thrown the lock will not released. Catch and callput(new Element(key, null)); * to release the lock acquired.

That should alert developers accordingly as to the contract.

Thanks for pointing this out.

The fix is in trunk and will be in ehcache-1.5.0 which will be out this weekend.

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Re-opening so that I can properly close out these issues and have correct Resolution status in Jira