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  • September 21, 2009
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  • September 22, 2009
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The ehcache website (http://ehcache.sourceforge.net/) has link to the JavaDoc in the “Documentation” section of its menu.

The link points to the following address: http://ehcache.sourceforge.net/apidocs/index.html

The address is wrong. A browser displays a blank page if I go there, as if zero-length response is received.

The JavaDocs are actually located at the following address: http://ehcache.sourceforge.net/javadoc/

(As is mentioned in overview-summary.html of the JavaDocs bundled with ehcache 1.2.4)

– Note: If you try to access any random non-existent page on the site, you get an error-404 page by sourceforge, but this address returns response code 200 with zero-length content.

Best regards, Konstantin Kolinko Sourceforge Ticket ID: 1665166 - Opened By: kkolinko - 21 Feb 2007 12:23 UTC


Sourceforge Tracker 2009-09-21

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New site generated and uploaded with references to apidocs changed to javadoc. The link you reported and about 8 others are now fixed.

Greg Comment by: gregluck - 26 Feb 2007 12:44 UTC

Fiona OShea 2009-09-22

Re-opening so that I can properly close out these issues and have correct Resolution status in Jira