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  • Reporter: azalesky
  • November 09, 2016
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  • November 09, 2016



We use Ehache 2.10.3 as second level cache for Hibernate under Tomcat.

ehcache.xml and excerpt from threads dump are attached.

The following happens: Thread http-nio-8080-exec-120 executes Cache.put(). It successfully replaced value in ConcurrentHashMap, received lock 0x0000000708f21468 in OnHeapCachingTier$Fault.get and requested readLock before DiskCache update. But it is already locked by thread http-nio-8080-exec-118 with writeLock 0x00000006c1465f28. So thread http-nio-8080-exec-120 is waiting for thread http-nio-8080-exec-118.

Thread http-nio-8080-exec-125 executes Cache.put() with the same key. It tried to execute ConcurrentHashMap.internalReplace, set LOCKED flag in ConcurrentHashMap node and notify OnHeapCachingTier. OnHeapCachingTier has synchronization in OnHeapCachingTier$Fault.get which is locked by 0x0000000708f21468. So thread http-nio-8080-exec-125 is waiting for thread http-nio-8080-exec-120.

Thread http-nio-8080-exec-118 executes Cache.removeAll. It received wrtieLock 0x00000006c1465f28, and started to clear ConcurrentHashMap. During clear it tries to set LOCKED flag in the first node in a bin but it appears to be locked thread http-nio-8080-exec-125. So thread http-nio-8080-exec-118 is waiting for thread http-nio-8080-exec-125 and we got a circle.

After that all other threads stuck in writeLock given to thread http-nio-8080-exec-118 and system became unresponsive.