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  • October 21, 2015
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  • October 21, 2015


I am using Terracotta 4.3.0 in combination with Ehcache 2.10.0. I have a Terracotta cluster with a single server instance which manages about 18 Ehcache client nodes. Sometimes (It doesn’t happen always and I can’t seem to figure out any particular condition in which it might happen) when a client attempts to establish a connection to the Terracotta server, I get the following exception in Terracotta indicating the range inserts in the object id set are out of order :

2015-09-17 09:44:11,174 [WorkerThread(hydrate_message_stage, 13, 13)] ERROR com.tc.net.protocol.tcm.HydrateHandler - Error hydrating message of type REQUEST_MANAGED_OBJECT_MESSAGE (12)
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Inserts out of order
at com.tc.util.BasicObjectIDSet.doRangeInsert(BasicObjectIDSet.java:62)
at com.tc.util.BasicObjectIDSet.insertRange(BasicObjectIDSet.java:47)
at com.tc.util.ObjectIDSet.deserializeFrom(ObjectIDSet.java:99)
at com.tc.net.protocol.tcm.TCMessageImpl.getObject(TCMessageImpl.java:248)
at com.tc.object.msg.RequestManagedObjectMessageImpl.hydrateValue(RequestManagedObjectMessageImpl.java:61)
at com.tc.net.protocol.tcm.TCMessageImpl.hydrate(TCMessageImpl.java:166)
at com.tc.net.protocol.tcm.HydrateHandler.handleEvent(HydrateHandler.java:33)
at com.tc.async.impl.StageImpl$WorkerThread.run(StageImpl.java:188)

Sometimes, the error occurs with the new Ehcache client which is trying to connect. At other times, it occurs with one of the existing clients. In both cases, it causes Terracotta to close the connection with the corresponding client.