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  • April 28, 2015
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  • April 28, 2015


I am trying to use EHCache in GAE application (I followed the steps mentioned in link “http://ehcache.org/generated/2.9.0/html/ehc-all/#page/Ehcache_Documentation_Set%2Fto-gae_using_ehcache_with_the_google_app_engine.html%23” )

But I am unable to use EHCache in my GAE app. Please check the following link for configuration and error details “http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29909994/is-net-sf-ehcache-cachemanager-create-menthod-use-threads-to-initialize-cachem”

Can you guide me, which version of EHCache is currently supported by GAE? Based on first link, GAE support from EHCache V2.3, but based on the below link, I understand that, it is not correct. “http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12313173/ehcache-cachemanager-initialization-error-on-gae/12448658#12448658”

and moreover, the configuration mentioned in the first link has an property with name “maxEntriesOnHeap”, but I am unable to find documentation in your website, and when I try to use the same, I am getting exception. I think, it should be something else.

It would be helpful for all, if you update the documentation site with correct configuration along with version details.