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That pom which is in central provides a section.

See https://issues.sonatype.org/browse/MVNCENTRAL-390 http://search.maven.org/#search%7Cgav%7C1%7Cg%3A%22net.sf.ehcache%22%20AND%20a%3A%22ehcache%22 https://docs.sonatype.org/display/Repository/Central+Sync+Requirements


Anthony Dahanne Dahanne 2014-01-29

So, this task could be as easy as removing all repositories and pluginRepositories, but : * maven-forge-plugin is required for many taks (license, manifest stuff, etc.) so whether we publish it to central (and what about adding it to our github repo ?) or we simply keep the pluginRepositories tag (that’s not so bad since it’s only used for people building our stuff, not relying on it) * ehcache-core depends on org.terracotta.internal:statistics:jar:1.0.1:compile and net.sf.ehcache:sizeof-agent:jar:1.0.1:provided both of those (OSS) artifacts are not published to maven central –> we’d need to publish them to central * management-ehcache depends on org.terracotta:management-core:jar:1.2.3 –> we’d need to publish it to central * ehcache-scheduled-refresh depends on org.quartz-scheduler:quartz:jar:2.2.2-SNAPSHOT –> we’d need to change for 2.2.1 (that is published to central) * ehcache depends on org.terracotta:product-upgradability-testing-utils:jar:0.9.1:test –> we’d need to publish it to central

In a nutshell we’d need to keep pluginRepositories and publish a couple of jars to central - but the most worrying bit to me is the product-upgradability-testing-utils dependency since it depends on tc-server stuff that isn’t open source : https://svn.terracotta.org/repo/forge/projects/product-upgradability-testing-utils/trunk/pom.xml)