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  • October 24, 2008
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  • October 28, 2008


SVT is an important tool in debugging performance problems. Its been useful the past week trying to narrow down certain performance problems. But there are some areas that need some improvements. I am listing them here in no particular order. Please feel free to add more and create independent JIRA items.

1) SVT takes too damn long to load any reasonably large data. We were waiting for 40+ minutes to load 1 hour data. Gary says this is because of the CSV format that we choose to send the data in. He parses them and recreates them in H2 database. Looking at the CSV format, it seems highly repetitive and inefficient. Don’t know if we can just send the H2 database across and work with that instead.

2) SVT once it does the convertion from CSV to H2 database, it writes it in some temp location. But there is no way to zip that and reuse that. Everytime you want to analyze the data, it always wants it in CSV format and takes a looong time to convert it again and again. It will be nice if we can just zip the converted database and then work with that from then on. Of course if we fix 1) 2 is a non issue.

3) SVT uses the same temp location (/tmp/tc-stats-store in my linux laptop) so you can have two instances running. They step on each other. So you cant compare two snapshots.

4) There are many SRAs that are captured but SVT doesnt graph them. For example l2 transaction sequencer, cachemanager events, vm gc etc. It will be nice to graph all these as they are very important datapoints. I have been pestering Gary to give be a hacked version to graph these.

5) It will nice if SVT can give some way to generically graph any captured SRA (like the ones mentioned above)

6) I see no point why in admin console we have system properties and thread dump to be captured periodically.

7) But default when you open a stats.zip file, all check boxes are enabled, since it takes a long time to graph, most time I am interested in only a few. It is a pain to disable the rest for all 16 L1s + the L2. It will be nice to have it default unselected

8) Will be nice to have the generate graph button sit on the top instead in the scroll pane

9) If you connect admin client to the server before any clients connect, you dont get to see any SRAs from the L1s in the list. It doesnt show up even after the clients connect. So if you start recording, all L1 stats are missing. This has bitten us many times in the past.


Saravanan Subbiah 2008-10-24

One more thing,

10) Ability to dynamically view real time stats when it is recording. I should be able to click on pending transactions or anyother SRA and should be able to see the graph in real time

Fiona OShea 2008-10-24

Gary can you get together with Saro to see what you can put in quickly for dot releases. Include Iyer in the conversation to give visibility into the issues. But don’t hold up Lassen waiting for anyone other than Saro.

Fiona OShea 2008-10-28

Created 10 new jiras from this one. See linked (incorporated) jiras for the breakout