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  • nadeem
  • Reporter: tgautier
  • October 08, 2008
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  • November 07, 2008
  • October 20, 2008



should make it so at least the tool will start up if it cannot connect to Terracotta to give appropriate help.


Juris Galang 2008-10-15

tim-get tool was eagerly loading the index, an if it’s the first time the user has used it - then it will attempt to connect to our server — but if the user is behind a firewall and requires a proxy, then tim-get will be unable to start, no matter what command is called.

This is resolved in trunk: it will now retrieve the index on an as needed basis.

Fiona OShea 2008-10-20

Please also put the fix in 2.7

Juris Galang 2008-10-20

Now, the index is read only when the command needs it (list, info, update, install - but not help) The fix is in trunk and 2.7

nadeem ghani 2008-11-04

verfiied on 2.7.1