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  • Reporter: jboner
  • May 30, 2006
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  • July 27, 2012
  • May 11, 2009


ClassInfo will not see changes that weaving may trigger in parent CL changes since it will read bytecode instead of going thru the weaver

use case: A in CLA, B in CLB, B extends A, CLB below CLA aop.xml in CLA puts a mixin onto A

when B gets loaded, classinfo for B [won’t / might not] see the mixin A.

=> need to check since due to B extends A, A might be loaded before B by the VM => same check when B has a method whose param / returns is A. Not sure if the VM fully resolve types. Actually it don’t since we can have method that never gets invoke without any ClassNotFoundE.

=> to fix it: 1/ whether delegate type resolution to upper CL and if ClassNotFound then fallback with ClassInfo. Will be time consuming since will trigger A LOT of Class loading for nothing (which can break with ClassNotFound when 3rd part. jars are not all there as we know it happened on WLS)

2/ trigger weaving IN ClassInfo level itself A bit of duplicate work.. Might be a path for optim: trigger nested weaving of A => cache it somewhere, when A gets loaded, hook check the cache. ===> issue with SystemDef changes in the between + multiple agent if we do so so must have some checks for dirty def (we need versioning of the defs) + hash on bytecode before weaving.