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  • August 05, 2008
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  • March 19, 2010


The upload command could allow users to upload their TIMs and have it become available as an item in the tim-get tool’s list command. Users wont need to have their projects listed in our Forge (which could be a very slow process) to make their TIMs available.

Here’s a sketch of how the upload command will work:

$ ./tim-get upload tim-foobar.jar –developer-id=xxx –password=xxx

If successful will upload tim-foobar.jar in a way station, and will be picked up by the tim-get tool index publisher. To be successful, the user must have a developer-id (that TC issued after registration) and has supplied the correct password for their account.

We could do additional processing to qualify an uploaded jar. For example:

  • the TIM jar must be a config only TIM
  • the symbolicName of the TIM must start-with the user’s registered groupId
  • the developerId must be valid
  • the password paired with the developerId must be valid
  • manifest attributes (like vendor name, copyright, etc) matches the users registration