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  • June 24, 2008
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  • July 02, 2008


  • neillrob (768.00 k) application/zip example.zip
  • teck (9.00 M) application/octet-stream xaa
  • teck (8.00 M) application/octet-stream xab



Using the attached war (cat xaa and xab together to make testApp-0.1.war), enable tc sessions for the context and try to run the application as described on the forum post.

Why is a 404 returned? w/o TC this simple application works fine


Tim Eck 2008-06-24

part 1 of 2 of testApp-0.1.war

Tim Eck 2008-06-24

part 2 of 2 of testApp-0.1.war

Neill Robbins 2008-07-01

I have done a little work on this. Grails appears to working as expected in that it calls a HttpResponse.sendRedirect to the expected URI. However it subsequently makes a call to response.isCommitted to decide how to route the request after the redirect has been issued. This call returns TRUE in vanilla Tomcat and FALSE in Tomcat running under Terracotta.

See http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GRAILS-3140 for details of my investigation. Although its entered in the Grails JIRA I don’t think its a Grails issue anymore, rather a Terracotta /Tomcat issue.

Cheers N

Neill Robbins 2008-07-01

I have now tested in a java servlet (no Grails) and the same happens. i.e. in vanilla Tomcat response.isCommitted() returns TRUE after a call to response.sendRedirect(). In terracotta Tomcat it returns FALSE.

I’ll include a zip containing War file and source

Neill Robbins 2008-07-01

Example java webapp that demonstrates Tomcat issue in Terracotta

Tim Eck 2008-07-01

Thank you very much for the information and test case. This is pretty clearly a bug in terracotta and I will add a test and a fix (in trunk) shortly

Tim Eck 2008-07-02

response.isCommited() should now return true after a sendRedirect(). The grails application no longer gets a 404 with TC sessions enabled

Fiona OShea 2009-02-10

Re-assigning to QA and requesting verification in Quintara. PM/Pending will never get get verified even if marked fixed.

nadeem ghani 2009-03-12

tested teh sample app and stable kits