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  • April 11, 2008
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  • March 19, 2010


Currently you are totally unassisted with regards to your root declarations. There’s no way of being alerted when there’s a typo, or when a class is used that is simply not available for roots (any class loaded by the boot class loader). Even the administration console doesn’t help since the roots only appear once they actual have an instance.

I propose that we add two things:

* additional logging in the debug settings

This would evaluate all declared roots each time a new classloader is used. For each root it should indicate whether the class could would be loaded (and instrumented) through the classloader and whether the root field can be found. The messaging should be clear so that these are not errors but merely information about what happens with the roots.

* an admin console UI

This provides the hierarchy of classloaders known in L1 and how they relate. For each classloader, all the root declarations can be seen and it’s clearly shown where each root field matched. This could also offer insight into classloader names and how they relate to each-other


Taylor Gautier 2008-04-11

Good ideas - an easier one to implement in a short time frame is when a class is loaded that matches the class part of the root, but the field doesn’t match, emit a warning.