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  • April 07, 2008
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  • April 17, 2008
  • April 14, 2008


I’ve been trying to edit some tc configs that had the following schema declaration and xml editors can’t resolve it from this declaration:

Then I've tried to use full declaration, but apparently it is pointing to the outdated xsd that does not have new statisics elements: </div> ## Comments {:.comment-heading} ### **Hung Huynh** 2008-04-07

I just pushed the new schema. Would you give it another try?

{:.comment-heading} ### **Eugene Kuleshov** 2008-04-07

Thanks Hung. The explicit schema location seem to work now. I wonder if we can make it work for the namespace http://www.terracotta.org/config only.

{:.comment-heading} ### **Fiona OShea** 2008-04-07

Hung is there another issue that needs to be addressed?

{:.comment-heading} ### **Hung Huynh** 2008-04-14

no. Since we didn’t publish 2.6-stable0 Eclipse plugin, we didn’t publish the schema either, which we should have. So just remember to upload the schema whether or not we publish Eclipse plugin.