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  • March 24, 2008
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  • February 12, 2013
  • May 19, 2008


Get rid of Websphere Application Server scripts for the Sessions Configurator in the kit.

It is not even referenced in the Sessions Configurator server list, and from Gary has told me, it is not even being tested. We should not include it in the kit, and delete it from our source tree.


Fiona OShea 2008-03-24

Websphere is definitely tested in the Monkeys


WebSphere CE 1.2

It is true that there was not yet a requirement to have it work in the Configurator, there was an effort to review what it would take to get CE working in configurator. LKC-2723. The conclusion was that the amount of effort it would take was not worth it.

Juris Galang 2008-03-25

Should we go ahead and remove it from the kit?

Fiona OShea 2008-03-31

Yes but this is targeted for 2.6.1, so no need to check it in until after 2.6.0 is released.

Fiona OShea 2008-03-31

That is work on other Pacheco targeted or Forge items before moving onto 2.6.1 targeted items

Kalai Kannaiyan 2008-07-07

Tested with trunk-nightly-rev9063 (Terracotta trunk-nightly-rev9063, as of 20080707-210708 (Revision 9063 by [email protected] from trunk), Websphere Application Server scripts for the Sessions Configurator (root/tools/sessions/configurator-sandbox/was6.1) are removed from the kit as expected.