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  • March 21, 2008
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  • March 19, 2010


Every TIM should output what version of the framework it is for.

so for example, tim-ehcache-1.2.3 woudl output

tim-ehcache loaded. this tim is intended for use with ehcache 1.2.3

The spring product, and all container products should also do this.

A suggested implementation:

add a manifest entry in the tim, say tc:description

upon load, Terracotta will print a module’s tc:description manifest entry on load.


Taylor Gautier 2008-05-09

This is really important to get right. We need to be able to tell people what versions of what TIMs to use. So we really need the metadata in the TIM, and we need to print the info out.

Juris Galang 2008-07-24

There’s an attribute for this already: Bundle-Description We should use this instead of adding another attribute, and go through each TIM we currently publish and make sure the descriptions are up-to-date.