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  • March 09, 2008
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  • February 12, 2014
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In working on the book examples I have a config file that is showing a warning decorator but the warning has no description either on mouseover or in the warning dialog you get when you launch.

You can import the project from: https://svn.terracotta.org/repo/forge/projects/thebook/trunk/chapter_caching/ehcache

If you import this using Eclipse and the 2.5.2 plugin you’ll see a warning for the contents of the repository tag:


I don’t know of any reason why this is invalid. Certainly the blank description doesn’t help. :)


Alex Miller 2008-03-09

Looks like one issue above is that the url above is wrong - should only have file://, not file:///. I’m guessing there is probably some exception getting thrown under the hood.

That aside, even if I fix that I am then seeing two exceptions: 1) %(user.home) - that’s the description which doesn’t help. Doesn’t seem to like the variable in the repository url 2) says that it can’t find the ehache dependency, which is actually there and this runs fine

See attached screenshot

Alex Miller 2008-03-09

Warning screenshot

Hung Huynh 2014-02-12

DSO is discontinued