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  • February 19, 2008
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  • March 31, 2008
  • March 07, 2008


All TIMs should be named using dashes instead of underscores, for parity with Maven conventions. There is currently a mixture of dashes and underscores.

Once renamed, Resolver and ModulesLoader must also be updated to make dashes and underscore distinct, so that foo_bar and foo-bar are two different names, so that if someone specifies foo_bar in the manifest, we expect a foo_bar filename somewhere.


Fiona OShea 2008-02-22

I think this is resolved

Juris Galang 2008-02-29

This is not resolved yet. I have the (uncommitted) changes in trunk (and related changes to tc-maven-plugin’s tc-2.5 branch)

This is also related to DEV-1306, so these changes will also be ported into DSO 2.5 branch - please note/comment if this is not the case before DEV-1306 is tackled.

Juris Galang 2008-03-07

Fixed in trunk, see rev rev 7280, 7282 Merged in 2.5, rev 7291