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  • December 10, 2007
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  • January 30, 2008
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See CRT-27 and CDV-539. We don’t give any indication that it is a problem if users use any repository other than file. we should tell them.


Alex Miller 2007-12-12

Fiona, what does CDV-537 have to do with this issue? I see no direct or indirect linkage. Is there some other jira that was supposed to be linked instead?

Fiona OShea 2007-12-12

duh…CDV-539 a typo. sorry about that I’ll update the description

Alex Miller 2007-12-13

Also need to update this that list this as an example:


and also check for example tc-config.xml files floating around that may list it.

Alex Miller 2008-01-08

The Resolver will not detect and fail with an exception in construction if the user specifies a non-file repository in their tc-config.xml. Also, I modified the message to print the bad repository URL, not the URL’s protocol. The prior warning has been removed (as it will never be reached) and replaced with an assertion about the repository URL.

Added a test verifying this scenario and Tim reviewed.

Hung Huynh 2008-01-23

I tried this with the latest nightly build 2.5.1-nightly-rev6807

Under Linux:


and got a warning and the client still goes. There’s no warning about only “file:” protocol is supported.

2008-01-23 19:09:30,549 WARN - Unable to resolve repository location, verify that it exists and that it is a valid repository: ‘/tmp/org/terracotta/modules’

Under Windows:


Unable to initialize modules runtime; unknown protocol: c

Alex Miller 2008-01-23

In the unix case, a url is built with the default protocol which is file:. I saw no reason to throw an error for something that actually worked and did what the user intended. As in the windows case, a non-file or otherwise invalid URL will throw an error.

Hung Huynh 2008-01-24

For the Windows case, “c:/tmp” is a valid existing path, should it also work like Unix case?

Alex Miller 2008-01-24

I wish it did, but it doesn’t. The parser in the JDK will throw an exception in the Windows case. Officially, I’d say we support only repository locations that specify a valid file: url. You get the path-only version on unix for free (but that is undocumented). As far as I know, all docs should match that.

Fiona OShea 2008-01-25

I think we can close this one resolved. We know the behaviour, so we know what to expect