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  • Reporter: asi
  • January 21, 2008
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  • February 12, 2014
  • February 12, 2014


In hibernate, one can specify a path to the hibernate.cfg.xml when creating a session factory if the hibernate.cfg.xml is not under the root in the classpath. This path does not get shared currently. So, when the other node re-create a SessionFactory; it couldn’t find the hibernate.cfg.xml file an the creation of the SessionFactory will fail.


Antonio Si 2008-01-21

Just want to add a comment on this. With this bug, the problem is that one cannot run 2 hibernate apps within a single jvm or use a config file from a location other than the root.

Fiona OShea 2008-01-21

Antonio and I talked about this, and after discussing we decided (well I did) that the impact of fixing this was too much to do in our 2.5.1 timeframe. Not fixing makes it a little more difficult to make sure we test both 3.1.x and 3.2.x but Antonio has a way to work around this which he can complete tonight, giving us tests.

This is not a regression.

Taylor Gautier 2008-01-22

there also seems to be an issue with a SessionFactory configured in code - this has popped up on the forums once or twice - and it may be an issue we have with Spring configuration.

When we fix this bug can we make sure to include these use cases:

  • code configuration of SessionFactory
  • Spring configuration

Taylor Gautier 2008-02-06

For reference, here is the forum thread:


Antonio Si 2008-04-25

I think Nitin mentioned that in the HibernateProxyApplicator, we probably do not need the session object to recreate the proxy. So, I am not sure if this problem is still valid or not.

Hung Huynh 2014-02-12

DSO is discontinued