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  • December 15, 2007
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  • January 30, 2008
  • January 08, 2008


if the OSGi bundle version is incorrect in the manifest, we emit this error:

[INFO] [node1] Unable to initialize modules runtime; Failed to install bundle: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Bundle does not specify a valid Bundle-Version header. Got exception: For input string: “0-SNAPSHOT”

We need to list the dependency (or dependencies if there are more than one in the chain) that caused this error, instead of forcing the user to track down the error by process of elimination.


Alex Miller 2008-01-08

Since this issue was logged, the code has changed enough that it no longer fails in this way (actually a bundle manifest version of 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT will load successfully). However, I have modified the error handling a bit and added a test for the situation where a completely non-compliant bundle manifest version is used. The error will point to the bundle (and it’s exact location).

It will not currently print the dependency chain to that bundle as that would require significant refactoring of a lot of code.