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  • Reporter: gkeim
  • November 07, 2007
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  • January 23, 2008
  • November 07, 2007


You can’t share an instance of a subclass of java.util.Dictionary because PortabilityImpl considers it non-portable.


Taylor Gautier 2007-11-07

According to our user forums, this issue manifests itself in two ways:

1) Adding to the boot-jar has no effect 2) The error message incorrectly indicates that adding to the boot-jar will resolve the issue.

We need to fix both, so whatever the reason that the error message couldn’t figure out what is the right thing to say, it needs to be able to detect the condition and give the right message.

Taylor Gautier 2007-11-07


Gary Keim 2007-11-07

It basically came down to the portability util not realizing that Dictionary is a portable type.