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  • October 17, 2007
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when i try to deploy a Portal application on a bea weblogic server (9.2.1), that is enabled for terracotta (added the java startup arguments to the bea server and the client is visible in the Terracotta Administrator Console), the deployment fails and a lot of compile errors are shown concerning bea classes (from netuix.jar and content.jar, see attached log file). for some reason bea wants to compile these classes on deployment.


Erik Hofstra 2007-10-17

attached a simple bea weblogic portal application sample.

Fiona OShea 2007-10-17

Can you take a look at this and see if it is a simple solution?

Tim Eck 2007-10-17

I’ll have a look at the sample application – thanks for attaching that.

In the meantime, I believe you can avoid this issue by tweaking the instrumented-classes section of tc-config.xml. Specifically you want to at least these com.bea..\* classes. I'm assuming that your tc-config.xml has an pattern of \*..\* at the moment, so another approach would be to just include the types you know will be joining your distributed object graphs

Tim Eck 2007-10-17

adding this to the end of your should get past this issue -- although a proper fix will still be made the terracotta product


Tim Eck 2007-10-17

a fix has been committed to trunk/2.5.x – the workarouind above will suffice for 2.4.x