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  • January 05, 2007
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To reduce effort required to build, test, and post kits/installers, combine existing 3 products (Terracotta Sessions, Terracotta Spring, and Terracotta DSO) into a single product called Open Terracotta.

New Kit Structure

/terracotta-2.3 disclaimer.txt license.txt readme.txt releasenotes.txt thirdpartylicenses.txt /bin dso-env.sh admin.sh samples.sh welcome.sh /lib /dso-boot /config-examples tc-config-reference.xml /modules /_ /config-examples tc-config-.xml /docs TerracottaGuide.html /lib /samples /sample1 /tools run-something.sh /org.terracotta.core-dso_2.3.0 (module or not?) /org.terracotta.pojos_2.3.0 /config-examples tc-config-dso.xml /docs TerracottaDSOGuide.html /samples /jtable /sharededitor /org.terracotta.sessions_2.3.0 /config-examples tc-config-sessions.xml tc-config-sessions-tomcat.xml tc-config-sessions-weblogic.xml /docs TerracottaSessionsQuickStartGuide.html /tools configurator.sh /samples /cart /townsend /external /tomcat5.5 /sandbox /bin /tomcat5.0 /tomcat5.5 /wls8.1 /org.terracotta.spring_2.3.0 /config-examples tc-config-spring.xml /docs TerracottaSpringGuide.html /samples /jmx /schema

For the latest kit structure, consult the PRD.

The default Windows install folder is: \Program Files\Terracotta\terracotta-2.3