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  • September 05, 2007
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from http://forums.terracotta.org/forums/posts/list/375.page erezhara: is there a JMX alternative, i.e. using a JMX client to change the settings that were originally loaded from the config file?

ari please provide a feature request in a JIRA, erezhara. Taylor and Steve are currently at work on the runtime-changeable capabilities for an upcoming release. There are a few things that we could expose through JMX such as “object pre-fetch depth” and “log level” or “debug mode” of some sort. There are even more things we could do such as “add another passive Terracotta server to the list”.

As zeeiyer points out, though, changing locks and roots at runtime would be difficult to figure out for us. Example: adding some static named “foo” as a new root after 3 days of operation. Each JVM will have its own state for “foo”. Which version wins? We can’t figure that out and definitely cannot configure it without breaking many of the running app instances / threads that are currently relying on certain data in “foo”.

A better example would be locking. If we allowed the introduction of locks at runtime, you could easily deadlock. If you removed locks at runtime, you would likely introduce race conditions.

Make sense? Please file the JIRA for the types of things you want to see, though…we are very interested and working on this feature RIGHT NOW.