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  • August 15, 2007
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  • August 17, 2007


I’d like to permanently be able to start a tc server, or not permanently start a tc server.

When the dialog asks me to start a tc server, there should be a checkbox “Don’t ask me again”.

Of course, there needs to be an alternate method to uncheck this answer from the Terracotta menu, should the user change his/her mind.


Kalai Kannaiyan 2007-08-30

Tested with rev 5195, it is working as expected.


  1. Install the eclipse plugin with rev 5195
  2. Create jtable demo project
  3. Add Terracotta nature
  4. Run the demo as Terracotta DSO application
  5. “Start a local Terracotta Server?” dialog is displayed with “Remember this setting” checkbox
  6. check the checkbox and click “Yes”
  7. Terracotta Server is started and jtable client is displayed
  8. Close the client and Stop the server
  9. Again Run as Terracotta DSO application

Actual: Automatically Terracotta Server is started without displaying the dialog

To enable the “Start a local Terracotta Server?” dialog:

  1. Go to jtable project and right click and select the Properties
  2. In the properties window, verify that the Auto-start server is not enabled
  3. check the Auto-start server and click OK
  4. Terracotta server is started.