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  • August 09, 2007
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This has been discussed many times. Just came up on the forum:


I would like to see a new tab called “Config” or something that would have an XML representation of the clustered classes that one could cut n paste into a config file to replace the *..* setting.


Kalai Kannaiyan 2007-11-12

Tested with rev6252, it is working as expected.


  1. Install the kit (on windows)
  2. Launch the sample application launcher
  3. From the sample application launcher, launch the JTable demo and enter some information in the JTable demo
  4. Launch the Admin Console and verify that the localhost:9520 is connected.
  5. In the Admin console, Verify that the Roots and Clients are displayed
  6. Click the Classes and Verify that the Config tab is displayed in the right pane
  7. Click the Config tab

Actual: XML representation of the clustered class are displayed instead of *..* of the samples tc-config.xml

javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel javax.swing.event.TableModelEvent